Meet Our Team

I have a passion for helping others and developing relationships with our family of patients. I am happy to answer your questions, resolve any concerns and make every visit a positive one. With my background in banking, I can help you work through financing options and utilize your benefits to the fullest. I love being a part of Dr. Julie's dedicated and compassionate team. And after relocating from Findlay, I am also thrilled to fall in love with my new hometown, Loveland.

Kim, Patient Relationship Coordinator

I see my dental career as "more than just a job." I take passion and pride in delivering compassionate and gentle care. You will benefit from my 16 years experience working in a periodontal specialty practice preventing and treating periodontal disease. I have seen firsthand how interconnected oral health is to the entire body. My greatest joy has been in helping thousands of patients overcome and improve their oral and thus overall health.

Jeneane, Hygienist

In my early career I have found so much joy working with and encouraging patients. My background in psychology helps patients with dental anxiety exceed their healthy goals. After moving from Iowa I am so fortunate to have found a team who not only shares my values in oral health but truly cares for the individual needs of each person.

Anna, Hygienist

My love for dentistry and specialized patient care compelled me to further my training as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant. It allows me to design and create filling restorations. You’ll find our office to be unique in the manner of our team’s genuine respect and compassion for our patients as well as each other.

Shae, Expanded Functions Assistant

My job is your comfort. I love being the second set of eyes and hands for Dr. Julie and that enables me to focus on how to make treatment easier for you. Even after assisting dentists for over 20 years I continue to learn so much from Dr. Julie. It amazes me how interconnected everything is and how essential it is to start with a thorough exam and keep assessing. I can confidently say that everyone would benefit from a visit with Dr. Julie.

Angie, Patient Treatment Coordinator