Our Services

Types of Care
Comprehensive Care.

Dr. Julie’s advanced training and dental studies benefits our patients through properly identifying the status of their dental conditions and, most importantly, to unravel the causes of them. Cracked teeth, shifting bites, sudden cavities, facial pain and bleeding gums occurs in many adults. Together, with Dr. Julie’s expertise, you can efficiently predict your future oral health by altering the source of these conditions.

Comfort Care.

In a warm and inviting environment, we offer the use of music through individual headphones, aromatherapy, Tempur-Pedic® chair cushions and aromatic heated neck warmers. We also offer nitrous oxide and sedative medication options for additional comfort.

Cosmetic Care.

Our cosmetic services consist of the treatment of stained, malformed or unsightly teeth through bleaching, bonded fillings, porcelain veneers and crowns. We can offer patients specific, long-lasting solutions with our advanced skills and experience.


We welcome children of any age. All of our team members have children of their own, and we are well-skilled in dealing with children and young adults.


Through the use of technology, our practice offers preventative services that go beyond regular cleanings, X-rays, fluoride treatments and sealants. We use digital radiography, which provides faster, highly detailed X-rays with less radiation. The DIAGNOdent laser can detect cavities before they can be seen clinically or on X-rays, which enables us to protect and preserve tooth structure. Our air-abrasion unit can non-invasively treat these emerging cavities without the use of anesthetics. 


Dental Conditions
Periodontal Disease.

We work with patients in unraveling the causes of and potential risks to their own periodontal health. There are several non-surgical gum treatments we can offer with the use of numbing gels, ultrasonic cleanings and antibiotic therapies. Our hygienists’ special techniques and caring hands provide these services in helping reverse the disease process.

Facial Pain, Headaches, Occlusal Analysis.

A person’s temporomandibular joint (TMJ), facial muscles, and teeth are intended to work in harmony, but when one component is strained, they often do not. Together, we can discover where the imbalances are and how to better stabilize your bite, thus relaxing your muscles and feeling better. Relieving the TMJ system prolongs the life of your natural teeth and improves dental restoration. 


Specific Services

Our three hygienists, with more than 65 years of combined experience, are the most gifted professionals in our region. They will tailor your cleaning to what is most comfortable and effective for you. By working closely with you, we can learn which oral hygiene routines and aids are most helpful. In addition, numbing creams are offered to aid and comfort when desired. 

Smile Design.

Smile Design is a part of all treatments in our office. In order to achieve maximum esthetic results, we consider a patient’s facial features, coloring, lip symmetry, tooth and gum alignment and patient desires. It’s our attention to these details that makes the difference. 


Dr. Julie has attended hundreds of hours of post-graduate studies dedicated to dental implants. Our team works with Cincinnati’s most skilled oral surgeons and periodontists to replace missing bone and teeth. Dental implants can change both smiles and lives.


Invisalign takes a modern approach to straightening teeth using a custom-made, nearly invisible series of aligners. Not sure about this product? Just ask Dr. Julie—her smile is the result of Invisalign!